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I am an innovative chocolatier and personal chef. Classically trained in London and Amsterdam and winner of the Renshaw Challenge cup, I have taken my craft to a whole new level. 

Since 2012 I am creator owner and developer of Chocolatasm sensational chocolates, a web based line of exclusive and exciting chocolates. My first delve into writing was with the 2012 release of Chocolatasm Volume One - easy does it. A small collection of fast and simple recipes based on chocolate, of course.

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In addition to my own projects I am currently on a commission in North Georgia, USA , developing and crafting a line of exclusive chocolate and providing personal chef services for The Caretakers , North Georgia's premium home service, and their clients.

I am available for workshops, interactive demonstrations and tastings.

I have had the privilege of cooking for some extremely interesting and influential people and the honour of creating a custom bonbon for the former Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix and King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. 

I privileged to reach the second round of the 2013 International Chocolate awards Americas competition. I was featured chocolatier at the 2013 Annual Spring Chocolate festival in Provincetown Massachusetts and will be attending the Chocoa Conference for sustainable cacao in Amsterdam in April 2014 before returning to The USA to cooperate with the annual Chocolate Easter Egg event, also on Cape Cod. 


I love to cook! I am eager to try out new techniques and ideas both professionally and in my own kitchen. The versatility of food, of chocolate and pastry never fails to excite me. Pushing the boundaries of flavour and form is my personal crusade. 

Photography is another passion of mine, as is writing, and you'll almost always find me outside when I'm not in the kitchen.

I have traveled extensively, broadening my cultural and culinary horizons is so rewarding.

email: paul@chocolatasm.com tel: (1)706-455-9922 

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